I was very impressed! I really enjoyed the focus, interactivity, and the insights. It was great when you started using the desktop instead of the monitor -- it was possible to see everything, and enlarge everything, especially as you got into the more detailed measurements and insights.

Thank you very much for teaching the course, and we hope to do more with you!
Susan Nash, Ph.D
Director of Innovation & Emerging Science and Technology / AAPG
I wanted to thank you for a really well delivered course. I am no fan of useless complexity and I think you have produced a tight, organized, intro course, with some great exercises. The history was valuable as it supported everything you taught us afterwards. Really well done. I like a course that flows well like that.

Folks don't get enough thanks, or recognition, for good teaching. So, I wanted you to hear it directly from a student and not an tangential AAPG survey.
Matthew Merrill
Research Geologist at U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Thank you for leading the field trip in San Diego last week! It was a really wonderful course, and I hope to use a lot of what I learned into my daily work.
Stefanie Frelinger
Geologist at CNOOC
Vitor, I participated in the wonderful sequence stratigraphy course you taught in April 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel before the AAPG convention. The course was very challenging and I believe I learned significantly. The new ideas and approaches have been very useful to me.
Mike Simms
Geologist, project manager, numerical modeler. Geomechanics, fluid flow, rock properties, stratigraphy.
I have been in the field in this area with Vitor Abreu and found that it was immensely beneficial to my career in that it changed the way I explore appreciate reservoir parameters and variations in the outcrop. Having been taught by Vitor Abreu has advanced my understanding, in deepwater systems and I am confident others will too.​
Kristian Lomas
Senior Geoscientist at ExxonMobil
I remember taking your class two times. Once at UH and once at AAPG. One of the best things I learned. Hope you are doing well. Regards! Partnership
Sushanta Bose
Geologist, Researcher at Energy Industry
Vitor has a wealth of experience that he can bring to every project. He has a deep knowledge not only of stratigraphy but of the wider field of geoscience, was a delight to work with during our time at Unocal, and is an outstanding team member who gets the best out of the people who work with, and for, him.
Paul Ware
Staff Geophysicist at VAALCO Energy, Inc​

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