Whole cores from wells provide the highest resolution geologic data from the reservoir and associated facies. This course focuses on the use of core from deep water (DW) environments to calibrate other less detailed, but more widespread data sets such as well logs and seismic. The course consists of lectures, core observations, group discussions, and exercises.

The course focuses on core description of DW lithofacies, recognizing vertical facies stacking patterns in the core, and recognizing important stratigraphic interpreted surfaces in core. Participants describe and identify facies from cores, and link the core descriptions to rock properties. Cores are tied to well-logs, and seismic to link 1-D core information to 3-D views of reservoir-scale depositional systems. Integrated core, well-log, and seismic data are used to generate high-resolution environments of deposition (EoD) maps. The integration of engineering data illustrates the importance of integrating geoscience data when characterizing the reservoir behavior.

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